About me

I am a software crafter and a passionate advocate of eXtreme Programming. I aim to continuously learn better ways to deliver working software faster.

I have been lucky to have been part of several cross-functional teams adopting eXtreme Programming. These teams were quite autonomous and responsible for the entire life cycle of a product or service.

Through these experiences I have learned so much, and I still have a lot to learn.

Just to name a few things, I became aware of what true teamwork really means: continuous collaboration, sharing, review and feedback through pair programming retrospectives, common study or book clubs.

I discovered the effectiveness of codebase quality to keep the cost of change constant over time by adopting some core design principles and practices such as TDD/ATDD, simple design, hexagonal architecture, continuous integration.

I realized that keeping things simple is not easy at all, both on the codebase and in the business processes, but if you are able to keep things simple everyone will benefit from that with less stress, fewer context switches, more clarity and more focus.

I have experienced the smoothness of working in a focused team, reducing the work in progress, deciding not to estimate and tackling one small activity at a time. Activity that is sliced vertically based on business value, from which feedback is gathered and used to improve it.